How do I add links to my flyer?



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  • Ashleigh Messerman

    In this article, you mention that the call-to-action buttons have been expanded to include Sign Up, Register, Call Now, Donate Now, and Download Now.

    However, I do not show a Register button in my dropdown (I am a school coordinator). Also, the Download button actually says "Download App", which deters me from using it for something that is not app-related. If it said "Download Now" that would be much better.

    I would like to recommend more "call-to-action" button options please. It would be great to have a QUESTIONS? button that linked to an e-mail address (mailto:). Even better would be a customizeable call-to-action button. You could limit it to a certain number of characters and we could enter text that was appropriate to our flyer. Items like VOLUNTEER or ENTER HERE or BUY TICKETS NOW come to mind.

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